Saturday, April 19, 2014

WIPocalypse for April

Well, I haven't done much, if any, stitching the past month. But I am posting this month's check-in anyway to answer the question:

How do you keep your stash organized?

I have no rhyme or reason to how I keep things organised. I keep my DMC floss in cabinets with little drawers. You know the kind used in workshops to organize nuts and bolts and screws and things. I also keep floss in those little baggies in a basket. Magazines are either digital and on my hard-drive or in magazine holders like below. Other miscellaneous stash is located in a couple of drawers in my dad's old bedroom.

Sorry for the blurriness of the pics. My battery died as I took them :(

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Plunge!?

It may not be what you think, but I decided to take the plunge over the weekend! Well, not the literal plunge into water or even the figurative plunge into marriage. But the plunge into a new endeavor!

Please take a moment to visit my new website: Photographs by Julie.

Yes, I decided to try to make some money with my photog skills. This is something I have been going back and forth about over the past few years. I have had several people suggest I go into business for myself and make a career of it. Many of you, my faithful [and new] readers, know that my biggest passion is my photography; this in addition to cross stitch and writing. Some might even suggest, and have, that photography is one of my Gifts or Talents from God Himself.

Until yesterday, I was too scared to even try! But, through contemplation I decided it's time.

Now, I will keep my full - time job with the State of Florida because as those of you who are self-employed know it takes time to build.

Stay tuned for a couple of new links on this blog!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Let Your Love Flow"...

Last night was my dad's 4546th High School Reunion. I decided when the invite first came to attend in his memory. I am so glad that I did!

Here are some pics I took (click on image as it's an album on Picassa Web):

Bellamy Brothers 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

God Revealed

Have you ever contemplated what, in your life, God has revealed to you? It could be something about your life, and important event, or just an "A-ha" moment. As I read through this book, I have been trying to think back on my life to recall any moments where God revealed something important to me. It's been a difficult task to say the least.

Chapter 2 centers around experiences through relationships or friendships. One of the questions posed at the end is "Can you identify just one person from your past with whom you enjoyed a strong friendship and in whose presence you felt spiritually enriched?" Well, I can answer with an emphatic YES! Part of this exercise is to reach out to that person(s), which I did several months ago. While that friendship may have since fizzed out, it did leave an impression on me. One of the best parts of that friendship is we were always able to talk about anything related to religion, Christianity, spirituality, and God. I will miss that friendship, but know and realise more than ever it's beyond time to let go of him.

Another question posed is to identify/list greatest passions and God-given spiritual gifts. Well, I have gone through a class through my church a couple of times over the past year to discover my gifts. The one thing it always comes back to is teaching. I am still learning about myself where spiritual gifts are concerned, but I do feel led to work more in a teaching capacity. As to greatest passions, well you can just go through this blog and see what those are: photography, cross stitch, writing, and family. Of course it goes without saying I have a strong passion for God. I truly believe this is reflected in the care I take in my other passions.

So, what has God revealed to you about your life?

Saturday, March 29, 2014


I haven't posted in several days, especially stitchy updates. I haven't stitched in over a week mainly because I was fighting a bad wicked bad cold. Yeah, I captured the bug that has been going around. I am on the mend and hope to get back into a stitching mode soon. But for now, I want to speak on a topic that has been on my mind lately: Attraction.

What is attraction? According to Merriam-Webster (online), Attraction is...

a :  the act, process, or power of attracting
b :  personal charm
:  the action or power of drawing forth a response :  an attractive quality
:  a force acting mutually between particles of matter, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation
:  something that attracts or is intended to attract people by appealing to their desires and tastes <coming attractions>

The type of attraction I want to talk about is the first definition. What causes us to be attracted to someone or something? There's a saying that says "opposites attract" much like polar opposites. For instance, we learn in school that opposing sides of a magnet will stick together while the same sides will not.
Why is that? In relationships, we tend to attract similar- or like-minded people, yet in romantic relationships something in our chemistry makes us attracted to opposites. Much like the picture to the left, it has to do with the poles, I think. No, not the poles of the earth, but the poles that center us.

Ok, another way to explain this is more personal. I tend to be highly attracted to men who are educated, intelligent. I enjoy deep conversation with the man in my life; although I may not have one in my life right now. I made a conscious decision that the man I am supposed to be with is the man God has intended for me, so I wait. And while I wait, I continue to find myself attracted to someone and not completely understanding why. It was almost an instantaneous attraction on my part. LOL...I keep hearing this song in my mind as I type this post, so I have to share with you "Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul.

I digress. This person has no idea (or maybe does) of how I feel in part because I don't want to reveal it at this time. I am still trying to learn about myself and my place in this world as God has planned. This isn't the first time I have been attracted to someone. And like I stated already, it's all about the mind. I'm lucky in a way because I have some friends, and you here, to bounce this off of. Not for feedback, but to just get my feelings out. Maybe try to figure out if this is genuine or from a deeper place. And then not knowing how the feelings would be reciprocated...if they even would be.

Of course the most difficult thing for me is to not show my hand too soon. I tend to do that and then lose out on what could be a great friend.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

God Revealed by Fred Sievert

I am [slowly] reading this book and have enjoyed the first chapter. It is really getting me thinking and reflecting on my past. As I grow closer to God, I find that I want to hear Him more and am not quite sure how to hear Him. I am lazy in reading the Bible, of this I can be completely  honest. I never had that problem in the past, as I was an avid reader and turned to the Bible several times a week. Now, however, I just can't seem to keep disciplined enough. Here's a great example of that:

I decided last month to join in on Joyce Meyer's 3030 Challenge. Let's just say that by Day 4, I was back in my lazy mode. It is possible I have too much going on and that's why some things keep getting pushed aside. All I know is that my yearning to understand my life and God's plan for it are strong.

So, in God Revealed, Mr. Sievert uses life experiences/stories to discuss growing closer to God. At the end of each Chapter are some discussion questions. For Chapter 1 the questions center around describing and God experiences felt as a youth (i.e. being in His presence), discuss someone who has been a Pillar of Faith, and any faith-stirring experiences had.

I grew up always knowing that God exists. I don't know how I knew this as my parents didn't raise me in any Church. I chose to go on my own more for youth group and Sunday school and to learn more about Jesus. I don't recall and experiences as a youth of being in His presence. I am sure as I read further in God Revealed, I will discover more about myself in this regard. Same too with someone being a Pillar of Faith in my life. I have an Aunt I have always thought of as a strong Christian role model. And my [maternal] grandma played a big role in raising me and tried to teach me good behavior/being a good citizen.

Faith-stirring experiences, on the other hand, are a regular thing in my life. I have, as an adult, found myself pausing at a GREEN light just before a t-bone crash occurred. I was in the left turn lane and something told me to wait. The car to my right went when we got the green and got t-boned. Of course, I got out of my vehicle and assisted until the cops got there. I've seen and felt my grandma's presence in homes of family members since her passing (in 1993). I've had premonitions of events; not that I can see the future or anything. But the best example was similarly seen by 1000s of others and that was the events that took place on 9/11/01. I'll only say that what I saw on CNN hours after the fact brought me to my knees as it was what I had dreamed 2 nights prior.

The best experience I have had, and probably the most telling of an "in His presence" experience, was when He brought my daughter to me in a dream. It was about 3 years after I miscarried. I prayed to God to show me my child and He let me meet her. It was such a faith-stirring, loving experience and one that I will carry with me always.

WIPocalypse and Praying Hands update

Where has the month gone? Last weekend I was thinking it was time to post my WIPocalypse update and realised the month had only just begun. Now I find that tomorrow is the date to post. Well, I am a wee early as I want to post an update on Praying Hands today so I will combine the two posts. Honestly, I think the only thing I have really worked on is Hands. It's coming along nicely as I fill in the holes and finish off the first 3rd of the piece. Here is what I've got:

I also spent one Saturday working on my SAL with Joy over at A Joyful Stitcher. I previously posted on this one, but here is the latest snap again:

Other than that, not much happening in my world of stitching. I'm finding myself concentrating on one piece for the month. This seems to allow me to get quite a bit in on the larger pieces.

As to the question for the month: Show us your favorite places to stitch. I really don't have a favorite place to stitch. For a long time, I simply stayed in my bedroom on my bed and stitched there. Now that I can get some TV channels in, I find myself sitting in my daddy's recliner. Neither are comfortable and the lighting is horrible. So, I can't say they are my favorite places.

My dream is to have a room with lots of natural lighting and a big comfy chair so that I may enjoy the space while stitching. Maybe a scaled down version of one of these homes, but the top (center) room is what I'm thinking...

God willing I will have that happen in the next 5 years.