Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In a lull...

I have been in a bit of a rut lately. I have a few yet to be finished projects and classwork for my Field of Study class. I am also still looking for a job. So, this past weekend I went to Lincoln, Nebraska for a break from my life. It was fun and a bit invigorating. It also gave me a few days to clear my head a little so I can refocus on my class.

On Sunday, I went to a Barnes & Noble in Lincoln and picked up the latest issue of New Stitches magazine. Of course my latest issues isn't necessarily your latest issue as I rely on the international post to get the magazine to the stores; this means we are usually a month (or an issue) behind because it is published in England. I guess the issue I picked up would be considered the October issue (#187). Anyway, inside this issue is a Polska Sampler design. It looks like an interesting design and one I am going to begin as soon as I get the correct fabric. I will try to post as I go on this one.

Of course, my trip cleared my head to the point that I decided to go in a different direction on my paper. Now, how to discuss that with my professor as we are at the halfway point in the semester. :)

Oh, and I gave "Frederick" as a gift to a friend of mine and he loved it!

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