Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poem A Day Challenge ~ Days 28-30

The Cat and the Canary

Once there was a cat

Who loved to purr and meow

And also shared a song

With a yellow canary

And though they weren’t playful

They were truly friends.

And though they were friends

This bird and this cat

All they wanted was to be playful

And so the cat would meow

Loudly to the caged canary

And the two would sing their song.

And while it was a beautiful song

That the two shared as friends

The little yellow canary

And the pretty little cat,

While the cat continued to meow,

Found a way one day to be playful.

And now they could be playful

And sing their lovely song

While the cat continued to meow

Alongside his pretty friend

The friend of the cat

Was really a canary.

And though the canary

Enjoyed being playful

With his new friend, the cat

They continued to sing their song

And continued to be friends

While the cat continued to meow.

And while the cat continued to meow

To his pal the yellow canary

And the two became good friends

And found a way to be playful

They still sang their song

The canary and the cat.

I would love to hear the cat and his meow

As he sings his song with the yellow canary

And they become more playful and lifelong friends.

April 28, 2009 ~ Sestina Poem


Never Mind

…And I was walking along the street

Looking for just the right thing

Are you paying attention to me?

Oh, never mind!

…I was talking on the phone with my friend

And we were making plans for the weekend.

Are you paying attention to me?

Oh, never mind!

Do you like this shirt?

Would you wear those shoes?

What do you want for supper tonight?

Oh, never mind!

Why don’t you hear me?

When will you see me?

Oh, never mind!

I am leaving you anyway.

April 29, 2009 ~ “Never _____” Poem



There are so many ways to say farewell:

Farewell, so long, adieu

Au Revoir, adios, goodbye

Cheerio, aloha, ma’a’salama

Well, you get my meaning.

Farewell is not forever, but for now

We will meet again, I am sure

So until that time arrives for us

I will simply say, “’Til then…”

April 30, 2009 ~ Farewell Poem

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