Monday, April 27, 2009

Poetry Challenge - Days 17-27

All I want is ….

All I want is to be free

Free from the pain I feel

All I want is to love again

To allow my heart to be open

All I want is a home

A home to call my own

All I want is you

Forever by my side.

April 17, 2009 ~ “All I Want Is ______” Poem

Heaven and Earth

There is a magic in the air

As I gaze up at the sky

And watch the twinkling of light

Pour out of the night

As the light shines down through

The atmosphere to me

I imagine the color

That the twinkling star could be

The layers of gas surrounding the earth

Can’t capture the true beauty

Of the stars high above

And their true light shining down.

April 18, 2009 ~ Interaction Poem


There is a fire

Buried in the pit

Of my stomach

Each time I hear your name.

There is rage

Deep in my soul

Whenever I see

A picture of you.

There is an emotion

I just cannot described

Watching the dirt

At the burial of you.

April 19, 2009 ~ Angry Poem


Walking on the hot coals

No pain is felt

Only a love so pure

And so true

Walking on the hot coals

Complete awareness abounds

All sins are swept away

And life is here to stay

Walking on the hot coals

The old life is gone

And a new life is born

As if dead skin was torn.

April 20, 2009 ~ Rebirth Poem

Froggy Frog

Froggy Frog is here

Sitting on his lily pad;

Where is Slimey Snail?

April 21, 2009 ~ Haiku

You’re Fired!

You’re fired!

That’s all that was heard.

Ringing in the hallways

And rooms far away.

You’re fired!

There’s no reason why.

Just has to be changes

And you no longer fit.

You’re fired!

Say goodbye to your friends.

Don’t look back as you go.

Don’t leave stuff behind.

April 22, 2009 ~ Work-Related Poem

Regret, or the Lack of…

Regret is such a silly word

The choices we made are our own

We should learn as we go

To have a regret is a waste of time

Learn to live each day full

Learn to have no regrets

Regret is such a silly word

There’s no shame in our mistakes

We should keep our head high

And walk with shoulders so strong

And not waste a single moment

Wondering “What if?” or even “Why?”

Regret is such a silly word

When someone asks “What would you change?”

Simply smile at them and say

You have no regrets

The future is too full

To look at the past

April 23, 2009 ~ Regret Poem


I woke up this morning and looked outside

The sun was smiling with no clouds in sight

The thought of the hills and valleys ahead

Made me run straight for the car.

The road looked so inviting and long

I didn’t know where I was going

All I knew is I had to go…and fast!

As if time were running short.

The journey took me to new places

From desert to plains, from mountains to seas

I saw more of the country than I ever dreamed

And even spent some time on the sea.

As the day became night and the stars appeared

I looked to the heavens to get a glimpse of a plan

But followed my heart instead

Down the long, and ne’er-ending road ahead.

April 24, 2009 ~ Travel-Related Poem

The Wedding

The flowers are in place

The choir is prepared

The dress is all white

The tux is all black

The men are in line

The women not far behind

The rings are resting

On the pillow we share

The music begins

The room stands still

The doors swing open

As the bride steps down the aisle.

April 25, 2009 ~ An Event Poem

You Told Me You Love Me

You told me you love me

How could that be wrong

You told me you need me

Why can’t I be strong

You told me it happened

But never again

You told me you’re sorry

You are so such a pain

You told me you love me

Never thought you would lie

You told me forever

I thought I would die

Don’t tell me you love me

Don’t tell me you need me

Don’t tell me you’re sorry

When you never mean it anyway.

April 26, 2009 ~ Miscommunication Poem


My heart and soul is open

To the idea of romance

To the idea of love

My heart and soul is open

To the idea of forever

To the idea of you

My heart and soul is open

With a longing so dear

With a longing I fear

April 27, 2009 ~ Longing Poem

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