Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Year Blogoversary!!!

Well, it's been a fun year posting my cross stitching as I go! I didn't really think I would enjoy this environment as much as I have. I am grateful to those who have decided to follow my blog and look forward to having more followers during the upcoming year.

What have I completed this year? Hmmm...I started and completed a few things. Gettysburg is by far the largest cross stitch to date (well, until Astral Lions is complete). I took out an old WIP - Nautical Sampler - and completed it, FINALLY!!! :) There is Frederick and the Lucky pillow wrap, Polska and Nautical Light and the many others I forgot to name here. And of course I can't forget those bibs I made for my baby cousin, Zane!

Speaking of Zane, his 1st birthday is coming up in November and I created something special for him. I only have until Nov 6th to complete it (which includes framing) and I will be gone the third week of October, so I really only have 4 weeks. Between Astral Lions and school, I think I can do it! Here is a photo of the pattern I created:

This will be stitched on 28ct. Evenweave - Mushroom color.

I wanted to be sure to post an update on Astral Lions here as well. I haven't gotten much more done yet, but I still have a couple of months - lol. Here are a couple of pics:

I stitched a couple of squares to show where the bottom is. The end is in sight!