Sunday, October 18, 2009

TUSAL October Report

I recently joined a TUSAL where the participants take a new container and collect their orts for the entire year. Well, this started back in January 2009 and I only just joined, so this is my first post.
The "jar" that I am using is actually a vase that I found recently at a flower show in Bradenton, FL. I thought the scratchy look to it and the curved neck were cool.


Yoyo said...

Julie, what a cute Totally Useless Container.

BTW thanks for putting in that comment today on my blog. I went back and looked and I actually had missed your name. I am so sorry. I will post another new members piece in a couple of days and I'll be sure to get you on it. Thanks again for keeping me on the up and up.

Julie said...

No problem, Yoyo! With as many comments as you get, it's easy to overlook someone once in a while.

Fidget said...

Greetings from another TUSALer.

The vase you selected is beautiful and will only be moreso when it is full of colorful ortage.

Zaneville would have been a hit with my late FIL as he worked for the railroad is whole life.

The colors and work in Astal Lion is fabulous! Very nice indeed!

Oh, and thanks for the link to the places-I've-been-map. I've always wanted one of those.

Julie said...

Thanks Fidget! And not a problem (re the link).