Friday, November 27, 2009


I still don't have my own pc back, so I decided to download the pics onto my dad's pc so I can upload them here.
First up is HalloSAL. I decided to go with beads for the owls eyes instead of continuing to fight the french knots.
While I am waiting for part II on HalloSAL, I decided to stitch Fraidy Frog from the JCS Halloween 2009 Issue. The first image is in normal settings on my camera and the second is in the "pop art" setting. I really like how the colors look in the second image!
And finally, an update on Astral Lion. I am almost finished (have stitched much more since this photo was taken) and will post another update on it soon. I am now all the way across the bottom, have the smaller lions done (except for the backstitching), and most of the purple area complete.
Now to get my pc back from that blasted Geek Squad! I will have an update on the Christmas SAL over the weekend as I have the 4th part to complete and the last part will be out soon (Sunday, I think). Until then...


Lana said...

Looks great Julie!!! =)

Siobhan said...

Everything looks great, Julie! I hope you get your PC back soon!