Friday, January 22, 2010

Anchors Aweigh and teaching

In honor of my service in the United States Navy...

My niece called me yesterday wanting to come over to learn how to cross stitch. Of course I said yes. She also brought her baby. We all had a good time! Here is a picture of my niece learning the craft:

Here is a picture of my start on Anchors Aweigh (a Candamar design):

I actually took this after starting the lighter blue stitches this evening. The dark blue is all I completed last night.

I was a bit annoyed with this kit when I first started sorting the floss and prepping to stitch. It did not contain all of the correct colors. There was no white whatsoever. It gave 3 or 4 different shades of brown, none of which are even charted! Thank God for my well organized floss as I was able to convert the Anton floss into DMC equivalents and get the needed colors from my stash.

The undesirable floss that came with the kit:

Here is a picture of where I am now:

I leave you with "A Mother's Love" (and baby hugs):

It's hard to believe that little bugger is gonna be a year old in less than a month!


Cole said...

Don't you love it when you can share your craft? I hope your niece loved it! And her little one is adorable too!!

Anonymous said...

It's always a great feeling to introduce someone to such a wonderful hobby! Good progress on your new project. Your problem with the threads is one of the reason I try and avoid kits, unless they come with pre sorted threads. Sometimes the colours are just so similar to each other it's almost impossible to tell them apart!

Jules said...


I do enjoy sharing my hobbies with others who want to learn. I tried teaching my soon to be 12-year-old niece (in MI) how to stitch over the summer. I sat her down with needle, thread, and a piece of scrap fabric to show her the basic stitch. I wasn't going to show her how to read a chart until she got the stitch down - you know the attention span of an 11-year-old?? Once she got the hang of it she just kept going and going and...well, she was doing her own thing and it was looking rather cute! She is a talented artist - drawing - and I believe that she would be an excellent CS designer, if only she would stick with it.

Molly - I agree that's one reason to avoid kits, but this one was too cute and too cheap (on clearance - probably b/c of the floss) to ignore.

Carol said...

That is so funny that you are teaching your niece to stitch, too 'cause my 21 year old niece just asked me to teach her! Unfortunately, she lives in D.C. so I'm in the process of gathering easy charts, scissors, aida, and DMC to put in a package and try to instruct her from a distance. Do you have any tips for me? I'm so excited that I can mentor a new, young stitcher :)

Jules said...

No tips to share, Carol. If you can locate the "Learn A Craft" kits (I usually find them at JoAnn's), that might be a help to her. Also, there is a post on my blog giving a link to animated stitches. That might help her as well. The niece I taught over the past couple evenings is 24 and lives near me. The other thing you might suggest to her is to go to a local LNS to her (I know of one near Alexandria called "A Stitch in Time" that another blogger goes to often) and have someone sit with her to teach her in person.

stitchinfiend said...

Great work on getting another person hooked. It is frustrating when the kits are not complete. Lovely Mum and Bub picture.

Jules said...

Carol...I boo-boo'd. The shop in Alexandria is called "In Stitches".