Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soon...a new start

Well, I spoke with my mom today (a few times) and during one of our conversations we were looking around on my blog. She goes to it from time to time to see what I am up to in stitchy things, but this time I was pointing her to specific posts. As she was looking, she came upon the Christmas card (kits) that I purchased a few weeks ago, and the one I finished. She really liked them and [hinted] that she would love to make some cards this year like that but she doesn't stitch. Well, I will be stitching inserts for her over the next few months! She also asked about the design I am stitching in Yoyo's SAL. I pointed her to the original post showing the purchase I made at NeedleCraft World in Kissimmee, FL. She really loved Ink Circles, Cirque des Carreaux, so I ordered the fabric and floss and should get it before the end of the month. It was another subtle hint that she would like it for her west wall. Gotta love subtle hints from mothers!! I don't mind as it will be another big project for me this year. A little variety never hurts!

Nope! I didn't finish Quaker Medallion last night as I thought I would. I will tonight though!!

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Yoyo said...

As much as I love to stitch for other people, you don't suppose you might teach your mother to stitch? Cards are a really great place to start because they are so small.

Julie said...

She is unable to stitch. Her hands are very arthritic. She had to give up crochet because of this, which is sad because I love her crochet pieces. I don't mind doing this for her (she will make stamped cards using the pieces I send her).