Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is the anniversary of the birth of my grandma. To be precise, the 86th anniversary of her birth! I miss her so much every day, but fondly remember the times spent with her. Whether it be at the house in St. Johns or the cottage on Lake George, I always loved being with grandma. You see, this woman taught me how to really live. She taught me about music and cameras. She taught me how to have an open mind. She gave me the courage to do what I wanted, what was right for me. I may have made some mistakes through the years, but at the time it seemed right to me. SO, to honor her memory, here is a little something from me to her:

Me and my grandma on June 1, 1990 - Boone High School Graduation - Orlando

A beautiful woman, through and through

Auburn hair, tightly curled

Always with a smile on her face

Always with arms open wide

A gal full of sass, through and through

Bright red lips, wrinkled with time

Always ready to share a good laugh

Always ready to comfort wet eyes

A lady of talent, through and through

Camera in hand, stories to tell

Always aiming to shoot a pretty flower

Always aiming to snap a cute bug

In memory of my grandma, Barbara Anne Langlois

On the 86th anniversary of her birth

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