Friday, March 5, 2010

Lorilee’s Package Arrived!

International post can sometimes be a pain. What with the customs forms and the extra time for delivery. But that’s alright! As I have said before, I always mail priority and with that said I received word from Lorilee that she received her winnings! Here is a picture of what she received:


I am so glad that she likes the needlebook (it was the first one I have ever made)! And she told me she did find some designs in the magazine that she plans to stitch. I do wonder about that as you, the reader, can’t always tell what is inside by looking at a picture of the cover. I contemplated listing all of the designs in the original post, then thought no.

On the home front, I received my cookies today! Shall I begin with a box of Samoa’s, Thin Mints, or Lemon Chalet Cremes??? Oh the choices! I love Girl Scout Cookies and my best friend is always so sweet to send me an email every year asking if I want to order from her source or if I have someone here. You see, she lives in Michigan and I live in Florida, so I have to have them shipped. LOL…but they are so worth it!

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Judy S. said...

Enjoy those cookies! That's a very worthy project that you are supporting.