Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Package from Jennifer Arrived

I was so excited to learn that I won the Gone With the Wind giveaway over at Feathers in the Nest. I received my winnings yesterday and am so looking forward to stitching the design. Here are a couple of pictures of my prize (note: the movie was already mine. I just added it to round out the picture.):


I tried on the earrings and love them! They are not too heavy. The real test will come when I wear them for more than a few minutes (my ears are very sensitive, but I believe all will be fine since they are sterling silver). Here is a picture of me donning the new earrings:


I also took a couple of pictures of my “Celtic” earring collection. I have a pair of shamrocks (that are a bit tarnished), a pair of gold claddagh’s that irritate my ears, and of course the lovely pair from Jennifer. Here is one of those pictures:


I can’t resist sharing a picture of my Sandy “modeling” the GWTW design:


Last week, I received the latest JCS and let me just say that I love most of the designs held within! I am for sure adding the following to my Future’s list: Thistle & Queen Anne’s Lace (p7), Spring Topiary (p13), In Your Easter Bonnet (p21), Bluebird in Blossoms (p28), Old Main Street series (p32), Splendor of Florals (p46), and Field of Flowers (p51).

I also picked up the latest The Cross Stitcher at Wal-Mart yesterday (April 2010). Here are some of the designs I quickly fell for: Easter Morn (p8), Celtic Blessing (p28), Live My God (p36), Butterfly Shamrock Wreath (p38), Easter Love (p56), and of course A Prince or A Frog (p58). I would also like to give the Swedish Weaving (p60) a try.

Finally, a progress picture on ‘68 Charger. I am nearly finished and it can’t come soon enough! LOL…I definitely have to buy an iron now :D. All that is left on this design is one of the colors in the tree (leaves) and the backstitching (over the windows and grill) with the Kreinik that I have to replace. Then it’s off to mom to have it framed for my uncle for his birthday.



Jennifer said...

They look fabulous on you!!! yeah, I have sensitive ears too but with it being sterling silver then you should be ok, or at least I can wear the silver.
Your cat is so cute!
Enjoy your pattern!


Carol said...

The earrings look perfect and Sandy is a natural born model!

Wendy said...

Oooh those are lovely earings! They look perfect on you. Nice to see a picture of you :)

Nice progress on your stitching. It looks great.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Love those earings -and it's nice to see a photo of you too.

The Quaker chart has arrived and it's gorgeous - thank you so much, please let me know how much I owe you or an idea of what you would like in return.

my email is

Lorilee said...

I am sooo jealous of that win!!1 I love the chart and the earrings too! Can't wait to see when you start that project! ANd how neat that the earrings fit right into your Celtic earring collection! Have a great day!

Lisa Clarke said...

Wonderful earrings and very cute cat! I just got my JCS and I'm so excited about all the projects!!

Siobhan said...

What a great package! The earrings look great, and Sandy does a great turn as a model. ;)