Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Start and Finish and a Question

(Warning: Picture Heavy)

I will start with an update. I have (almost) completed part 5 of the HalloSAL, although I am counting it as complete. I just need to fill in the eyes on the pumpkins and for that I need to buy some petite seed beads. I tried without success to do the french knots. I just don't have the patience for them. Here is an updated picture:

Yesterday morning I awoke thinking that I would spend the day working on the Butterfly and Shamrock Wreath. Well, my wee little mind started spinning and I remembered another design that I picked up last year at The Black Sheep Shop in Orlando by DebBee's Designs. It's her Holiday Highlights St. Patrick's Day. So, around 10am I began stitching the design. I worked on it on and off all day and by 9pm here is where I was at:

There was a new stitch in this design for me: the herringbone stitch. I think I am fairly comfortable with that one now, lol!

This afternoon, I picked it up and finished it. I even finish-finished it! Woo Hoo!! That frame I recently purchased fit it perfectly. Here are some pics of the final product:

Holiday Highlights St. Patrick's Day by DebBee's Designs
28ct Hand-dyed Jobelan Watercress
Crescent Colours: Bejeweled and Shamrock
Kreinik: #4 Braid 085 Peacock
Mill Hill Seed Beads in Emerald (oo332)
By Jupiter! Antique Gold Open Shamrock Charm

I have also been learning how to make biscornu's and scissors fobs. While I have only completed the one mini biscornu that was sent off with one of the giveaways, I do have several fobs completed. I even made one yesterday in the theme of St. Patrick's Day (the scissors attached to it are new). Here are some pics:

This one is blue glass beads with a charm at the end "Joy", sent to another blogger.

(L-R): St. Patrick's Day, Blue with Palm charm, Shell with Palm Charm

My cat was being a bit lazy today and I caught a couple of pics of her just chillin':

It's hard to believe she will be one year old on April 24th!

And now for the question (for the designers out there). What is the best way to design a chart? I have an idea in my head and asked my dad to draw a picture for me. Now I need to transfer that picture to a chart. I have PCStitch Pro, but it is not working the way I want it to. I bought graph paper, but the squares seem just too big. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


drea_dear said...

I mostly chart geometric designs, so it's a little easier. I've not really tried "pictures". And most of it is symmetrical, so I draw a line in the same position all the way around, and then another...

When I chart Hardanger pieces, for me 1 square equals 1 Kloster. The corners of the squares are the extreme edge holes. It covers 4 fabric threads, but takes 5 holes, if that makes sense. I just have to remember if I add cross stitches that it's 1/4 scale, lol

Diane said...

When I have to chart anything (usually names and dates), I print off graph paper from here: It gives a number of different options for graph paper colors, sizes, and even shapes. I generally go for the "multiwidth" squares. Play around with it, you should be able to find something you can use.

Shay said...

I just love all the finishes...