Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

This will be the first of two posts. I wanted to get this out there right away, and will post my stitchy news in another post in a little while.

May is probably my all-time favorite month of the year. Partly because of the wonderful holidays we celebrate: May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day to name a few.

Hey, did you know that today also marks the beginning of National Postcard Week?! Well, for those of you involved in the Postcard Exchange, let’s make this a spectacular week and send out some postcards. I will make it a point to send out a postcard to everyone who (1) requests one – just email me at with your post information, and (2) I have already sent one too, just to celebrate this week!

And the most important reason May is my all-time favorite month?! You guessed it! It is the month in which I celebrate the anniversary of my birth. The 21st to be precise! Here is a little holiday trivia for that day: 

American Red Cross Founded
Founded by Clara Barton in 1881. 
In 1927.

And lest we forget it is also MR. T’s birthday.

Happy May Day one and all! What is May Day? Where did this tradition of celebrating the 1st day of May begin? Well, here you will find answers to those questions.

There you have it! A month of May goodies.


Lili said...

Want to exchange a poscard with me? :D
Many of my friends are taurus, how funny that you are one too...
May is also a funny month here, but we are very unlucky this year as Labour Day and end of WWII both are celebrated on a saturday. Sigh. Next year will be worse: sundays. We call them Bosses' years here. Lol!
I haven't celebrated mothers' day the last two years and won't this year either. Just can't because of bad childhood memories.

Jules said...

It's funny about my birthday. Every four years I fall under the Taurus sign. The other years I fall under Gemini. I was born in the middle of the cusp, so leap year causes not only a shift in the zodiac, but a shift in my signs. I believe the year I was born fell under Gemini, but it is also the Year of the Rat (and boy can I be a rat when necessary, lol).

I will be sending you a postcard this week!