Thursday, May 20, 2010

I went, I saw, I stashed…and giveaway update!

I went to renew my vehicle’s tags yesterday an decided to pop into the thrift shop next door. You all have influenced me to visit these shops more often. I am glad that I did! Just look what I found:

After that, I mosied over to Tampa Palms to the local (to me) JoAnn’s to pick up some floss and possible fabric for a secret piece. Well, I got the floss, but no fabric, so I went with what I had in my stash. I will show pics as soon as I know the receiver has received this secret (will be mailed next week).

I also thought I would share one of the potential items for my giveaway

These are called “Uptown Girls”. They can be used for embroidery/needlework or trimming nails. I know they are out in shops, but I purchased these from our hospital gift shop (they were mixed in with nail trimmers and files). I am going to give you the opportunity to pick which pair you would like to receive in your prize package if your name is pulled. Please note that if you want one of the blondes, you need to be specific as to short or long-haired.

Don’t forget to pass along the word that I am having this giveaway!


Parsley said...

I'd enter your giveaway again if I could. LOL Those scissors are just too funny.

Elaine said...

Great stash find Julie and those scissors are just fab!
Good luck with your give-away.

Jules said...

@ Parsley, just let me know which one's you like.