Monday, July 5, 2010


Gizmo was one of two cats I rescued (for lack of  a better term) back in 1993. He was a cute fella and I really loved being around him. At the time, my then husband and I had 3 cats and really no room for more (small 2 bedroom apartment in San Diego). While I was in the Navy and stationed at Naval Air Station North Island, I heard a bunch of mewing coming from somewhere in the hangar near the hangar bay doors. Well, it just happened that a mama kitty left her brood inside the half-wall where the doors opened into. Several of us wound up with one kitten each after rescuing them from that nightmare. So, Gizmo came home to be with me and Pete and Lucy, Emerald and Mignon.

Me and Giz in 1995

It wasn't long after that when we received Buster (aka Miss Buster T Kitty or "the combustion chamber"). She was found in some wooded area in North County while some co-workers were camping. They said "Hey, Brit will take it in!" and the rest is history!

Me holding Buster (L) and Gizmo (R) in 1993

Buster passed away in 2002 having lived 9 long and stink-filled years (hence "combustion chamber". Gizmo, I have no idea what happened to him. After Pete and I split he took Giz and Lucy. I got Emerald, Buster and Mignon. I think he gave them away when he left California in 1997.

*All pictures are scanned from photos in my albums. They were taken on a point-and-shoot 35mm, probably a Canon.

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