Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Start, A Sandy, and a Frog

First off: WELCOME to my newest followers!!! I appreciate you all hopping by every now and then to visit me in my little world.
We’ll start with the cat! Sandy can be such a handful at times. Then there are those times where she is just too cute for her own good. When I got home from work Monday afternoon, I walked in and found this:

Yeah, that’s my Sandy laying on her back trying to stay cool! My dad said she stayed like that most of the afternoon. Well, I’d say so since it is just about right under the ceiling fan and a nice breeze from the a/c blowing her way. 

As for the new start – it’s that baby sampler I have been mentioning. My nephew’s son is due on or around Aug 22nd. I say on or around because even though she is scheduled for a section, the baby may come early anyway. I am getting rather excited to meet the newest member of the family! Anyway, the sampler is one that I dreamed up! 

No, really!! 

I thought it would be neat to have an alphabet block border around the “what little boys are made of” saying. Since there are several variations of that saying I chose the one with frogs and snails and puppy dog tails. LOL! So, here’s what I started last night:

As I stitch, I may make some color changes as I feel the red and purple are just a tad too dark (any suggestions?!). For now I am using DMC: 209, 350, 722, 744, 966, and 3755 for the alphabet blocks, and it is stitched on 16ct White Aida. I am using 3 strands for the blocks and 1 for the backstitch. For the animals I will use 2 strands in varying colors of DMC. As for the saying, I plan to use one of my Silk’N colors since I have so much left over from the Cricket Collection piece I did earlier in the year. I’m thinking Aqua Clouds will work best! I will have the pattern completed after I am finished stitching so all of the correct colors will be on the listing.

To finish things off, I had a little stow-away this morning on the delivery truck. I had to stop and fill up on diesel and when I opened the door to the tank this is what I saw:

Now look at the lower left corner of the photo and then the upper right of the tank area. Yup, that’s where this little creature was hiding! He/she hopped on out and onto the side where you see it in the pic. When I finished fueling, I helped it off the truck so it wouldn’t have to hang on for dear life as I drove back to the shop. I do love these little things, but will never EVER have one as a pet. 

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Olenka's Stitches said...

Your baby sampler is going to look great!

Sylvia said...

A baby sampler is such a nice gift. Love you little green friend - very cute

Elaine said...

Love the idea of your baby sampler Julie, its looking lovely.

Janet said...

Love Sandy's photo :-) Great idea for your baby sampler. Looking forward to watching your progress.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Awww your cat is so adorable. I have to admit I've had a lot of "flat cat" syndrome going on at my house due to the heat!

Good for you, coming up with your own baby sampler idea!

Marcy said...

Cats are such creatures of comfort and I must say, Sandy looks mighty comfy (more so than Mr. Froggie). The baby sampler is a great idea -- I love that saying.