Monday, October 18, 2010

Kittens and Deer - Tuesday’s Show & Tail

Yup! Florida has deer. They are everywhere! With all of the development in our area, these poor things have to cross our busy streets. Just look at what crossed in front of the delivery truck last Saturday afternoon:


Not the best picture as it was taken through the window, but there were 3 deer. I am sure the buck was not too far behind!

Last summer, while visiting Key West, we saw some key deer. No, they don’t look like keys, LOL! Silly. But they sure were cute. I wish I hadn’t lost all of the pictures on my portable hard drive so I could show you the pics I took. Hopefully I will be able to recover those photos while in MI during the week after Christmas. The deer we saw were actually in front of our vehicle while checking into the motel on Big Pine Key. And they look a bit different than the ones pictured above.


Oh, and grandma has some cute little grand-furbabies! I took some pics of them on Saturday. We weren’t able to take her out for supper as she wasn’t feeling well, but one of the pics has her in it too:


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FairfieldHouse said...

I saw a special on TV about the problem they are having in FL with exotic pets that are let go and breeding in the wild -- specifically pythons -- and how aggressive they are. They did an autopsy on one and found a deer! YIKES!
The kittens are sweet.