Saturday, November 13, 2010

Biscornu Exchange received

I mentioned not too long ago that I am involved in a Christmas Biscornu Exchange over on The Stitcher’s Showcase. Well, I received mine in the mail today and would like to share it with you all now:PB133716PB133717

I really like penguins this time of year! Almost more than Frosty and Rudolph. I think all three are in a close race for #1. Linda M. did an excellent job in making this biscornu for me. I don’t have a normal size tree yet, nor the space for one, but it will be displayed along side my 2 ft tree next to the other penguin piece I have. Remember the movie Happy Feet? Well, the other piece I have is one of those silly toys that Burger King included in the kids meals a few years ago!

I also want to share some progress on Coming Home for the Holidays with you:


I am finding that if I spend just a couple of hours each night on it I can get quite a bit accomplished. As you can see, I am working up the left side now. I am hoping to have it finished before the end of January 2011 as I know it won’t be before Christmas this year. Sad smile

Steady as she goes…


Janet said...

The little penguin biscornu is cute as can be. Coming Home is a lovely, detailed piece and you're making great progress. I've set aside my Christmas SAL. Too many smalls are catching my eye right now.

Sally said...

What a cute biscornu!

Coming Home is gorgeous.

Siobhan said...

What a great biscornu! Great progress on your Coming Home, too!