Friday, November 5, 2010

It was a friggin’ cold morning!

Yup, you read that right! We finally got into the 50’s here in Central Florida. Our overnight low was somewhere in the low 50s. When I went to work at 8:15 am, it was around 56’F. Yikes! It was a cold one!!! It is still hovering in the upper 60s and we are expecting more cold weather over the remainder of the weekend. No, I am not complaining. If I were in Michigan, I would be dreaming of this weather, LOL! So snuggle up and I will share the rest of my day…

Today brought another package in the mail. I won Maggee’s giveaway a while back and received my winnings today. Here are a couple of pictures:


I really love the ornie she made! The backing material is perfect!!

I also recently won a giveaway from another group that I participate in (non-stitchy). You can see my post here!

This afternoon after work I finally got my Swap package mailed off! As we speak, it is making it’s way through the postal system. Around the world it will go! Where it will stop, only I know (and the Swap Party hostess of course!). I just hope my Swap partner likes what I sent!

My work schedule changed a bit this week and I am now off on Monday (and of course Sunday since we are closed) and work the rest of the week. I deliver Tue, Thur, and Sat and work in the office Tue am, Wed and Fri (until about noon each day unless I am needed longer). Of course this is a flexible schedule as the holidays approach and I pick up more hours in the office.

Speaking of work! Did I introduce you to our shop kitty yet?! If not, here is a picture of Mr. Kitty:

This is a stray that has made himself at home on our block. We feed him and let him hang out inside with us. Our boss is also planning to have him neutered and shots so he can stay indoors overnight, especially when the cooler, winter weather sets in! He is a lover!!

Finally, I am involved in a Biscornu exchange through Stitcher’s Showcase. While I can’t share the details yet, I will just as soon as I learn it has been received. I will be posting it tomorrow in the mail! Here is a sneaky peak of what I am putting together:



Parsley said... kitty is a cutie. I just love that you gals are taking care if him.

Okay..I mailed my swap off today too! YEAH! I hope my partner likes what I sent!

With YOUR creativity, I'm sure your partner will be totally WOWed!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Kitty is so adorable. I thought is was on that cold by me. NY. My mom must be frozen in Fla by now

Jules said...

@Parsley, yeah, we are all suckers at our shop (ooh, I mean cat lovers, lol).

@Cindy, It is currently 54'F just north of Tampa. What town does your mom live in?! To me, anything below 70 is too cold. HA

Sally said...

Congratulations on a fantastic win!

Carol said...

Wow--that is a wonderful win, Julie! Hope things warm up down there for you--my parents just left for Florida last week and I really don't want them to freeze :)