Friday, November 26, 2010

OK, so I did it!

I broke down and purchased a 32” tabletop tree at the Dollar General today! Heck, I really wanted to display that Penguin biscornu I received from Linda M as well as my Michigan State University ornies that my mom got me for Christmas last year. Remember those? From that package that arrived a month after the holiday, LOL! Anyhoos, here are some snaps of my cute little Sparty:


As you can see, I gave the penguins a place of honor at the top surrounded by lights. I like my little Sparty tree and am glad I went ahead and purchased it. Sandy loves the garland. So much so that I cut some off for her (there was waaaaay to much of it for this little fella). My dad seems to like the tree too. He was at least smiling when I finished! Open-mouthed smile

I promised a progress pic on Coming Home for the Holidays and here it is:


I actually have a bit more done than shown, but these are the latest pics.

This weekend, I plan to work on some ornaments for my nieces, nephews, and one of my cousins (a special early gift for her and her man). This is their first Christmas together as a couple and she wanted to look for a “1st Christmas” ornament so I told her to hold off and I will make one. Yeah, I know, I’m a sweetie, LOL!

On the way to my aunt and uncle’s house yesterday we noticed a huge plume of dark smoke in the northern skies. Well, my dad told me that a huge Business Complex (used to be orange packaging plant) in Dade City was on fire – a 4 ALARM FIRE! With camera in hand I managed to get a few snaps along the way:


I sure wouldn’t want to be an employee going back to work after the holiday just to find out there may not be a job anymore. Yikes!


Cindy's Stitching said...

The tree is cute. That's horrible about the fire. Some employees will be out of work now. Hopefully no one was hurt.

Judy S. said...

Your Christmas SAL is coming along great; mine is "on vacation" till after the holidays. Do you have any idea what happened to YoYo?