Saturday, December 11, 2010

My last PIF for 2010…and other stuff!

Well, I finally found a moment to post an update on my last PIF that was sent out before Thanksgiving. I have been notified of its receipt and can now post a picture here:

I am so glad that Nita likes the PIF I sent to her. I had a fun time putting these little packages together throughout the year. Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in 2011. I have committed myself to another Challenge and that will take quite a bit of time. I may send out a RAK or 2 during the year time permitting. Open-mouthed smile

My cousin picked up her ornie today:


She also picked up the Christmas portraits I took of her and her family. She seems pleased even though I would love to have the time to reshoot them. Just not that happy with them myself, but artists are their own worst critics right?! Here’s a sampling:

So, what else is happening in my life at the moment? We are in the final two week stretch at the flower shop for Christmas. Business is really picking up! And that’s a good thing!! I am officially off the road until after the holidays as they need me in the shop to handle phones and clean incoming orders for the designers. Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile I couldn’t be happier about that as I am a bit tired of delivering. My last day of was this past Monday (6th) and I probably won’t have a day off again until the 25th, LOL! But it will surely be a nice check!!!

I haven’t done any stitching since my last post as I have simply been too tired. I am hoping to find some time this weekend, fingers crossed! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ~ remaining ~ and as always thanks for hopping over!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful pictures :)

Jules said...

Thanks, Jenna!