Friday, January 28, 2011

Final Goodbyes and Coming Home

First for the Final Goodbyes. I don’t know if you follow local, national, or international news (depending on where you are in the world) but one of the communities near my town recently lost two police officers. On Monday, Jan 24th, Sgt. Baitinger and Ofc. Yaslowitz lost their lives while assisting a Federal Marshall serve a warrant in St. Petersburg, FL. Today, their funeral service was aired on local news channels and I happened to watch. It was a beautiful tribute to these two fine men and their families left behind. Normally, I don’t cry when sad things are aired like that, but today was different. You see, when the caskets were about to be brought out of the church, Ofc. Yaslowitz’s K9, Ace, was front and center. Ace was not behaving like the other K9’s, you know, sitting quietly while their handlers were at attention. No, Ace was showing his grief over the loss of his human. That brought on the water works for me. I can’t imagine how the families, friends, and fellow officers are feeling at this time, and I surely can’t imagine how Ace is handling his grief. I only hope and pray that time will heal his grief and he will be able to function in the line of duty again.
Goodbye and God Rest Sgt. Baitinger and Ofc. Yaslowitz and Thank You for your years of dedicated service in law enforcement.

And Thank You to all of the men and women who serve to protect us each and everyday around the world whether in law enforcement or military!

Now, an update on Coming Home for the Holidays. I have been working on it throughout the week, when I can and have made some progress on it.

Here is where I left off:

and here is how it stands today:

I will put this aside until February. Over the weekend, I am hoping to get some sunshine. If I do any stitching, it will be on the Butterfly wreath.

Have a great weekend everyone! Until next time…


Parsley said...

I started to cry just hearing about it. So sad.

Lana said...

That is sad about the K9...That would make me bawl too!!! Hey! I'm also working on Coming Home for the Holidays....I use the term "Working" loosely as I haven't picked it up in ages! but I'm enjoying looking at your progress! It is gonna be beautiful when it's done!!

Jules said...

Thanks! I did read in the news after posting this that the city is trying to get permission for the K9 to live with the family of his deceased handler. This would in effect retire him and I believe it would be best for him.

Kttycat said...

Aww thats so touching. It would be awesome if the K9 could retire and live with the officers family. I think it would help all involved. Good progress on Coming Home.