Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home...and a start on the 15!!!

It is soooo good to be back home in (not so sunny at the moment) Florida, LOL! Amazing, one week and a day ago I was arriving at my mom's in rain/snow/weather and today we arrive home to rain! At least it's much warmer, a balmy 73' last I checked. Enough on that! Later in the week, I am going to compile all of my photos from vacation and share with you via PhotoBucket. I don't do this too often, but thought I would this time simply because Sandy was a part of the trip and I know you all are dying to see how she fared in a moving vehicle for 4 days of her life (2 there and 2 back), LOL!! I digress...

I did promise some pics of my Christmas goodies from In Stitches and here they are:

I saw this fabric and just had to get it! I love the pattern it has from the hand-dying.

I also want to share with you the first day (well, I cheated a little and started this fella a few days early knowing full and well that I would be on the road on the 1st day of the Challenge) of stitching for the Crazy Challenge of 2011:

This is called Caroling Snowman and is a kit from Janlynn. I did actually put some stitches into him on Jan 1st, so I feel somewhat better about the cheat part, eh-hem. As you can see, he is not actually part of my original 15. I have decided to add him and delete the Seasonal Cats from that list. My mom said there is no rush on the cats, so I think it's only fair to replace with something I know I can include and feel good about. Plus, I have a couple of big ones on the list already as well as my 3 WIPs: the Butterfly Shamrock Wreath, Cirques des Carreaux, and Coming Home for the Holidays.


Emily said...

Glad you made it home safe!!

Niina said...

Happy Crazy January!

Blu said...

Gorgeous stash!
Your start looks great.

Marcy said...

Looks like a good start for January. What wonderful stash!

Janet said...

Happy New Year! Your Caroling Snowman looks very cute. I'm about to settle in my chair and start Day 3's piece. Sure am glad I chose small designs. :-)