Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crazy Day 1

Well, I managed to finish almost the entire Caroling Snowman design last night. I started the backstitching, which is all I have left. This is where I finally put it down:


I will probably finish the backstitching today, so I am calling this my first finish of the year as well! Yay!!!!

I spent a little time on Butterfly Shamrock Wreath on Sunday and this is where I left off:


I reported for Jury Duty on Monday morning. We went through the orientation process. One panel was called (my name was not on that list). The next panel was called (again not me). Then around 10am, the Jury Room Supervisor announced that if you weren’t called for either panel or filled out the form you were excused for the year!!! Yay!!!!!!!! I was sooooo happy. Open-mouthed smile

Oh, when I went to Barnes & Noble Saturday evening to get my magazines, I also picked up this little fella:


He was yummy! Until next time…


Marcy said...

Your finish is cute -- I love snowmen.

The last time I had jury duty the same thing happened to me. The 2 times before that I got chosen for juries. Yup. Lucky me has been called for jury duty 3 times -- twice in two years even.

Sally said...

What a sweet finish!

Good luck with jury duty.

Soleil de Vie said...

magnifique ce papillon, il sera superbe fini. Merci pour ta visite et ton commentaire sur mon blog.
Bonjour de FRance =^..^=