Friday, February 4, 2011

Crazy Day 3

Well, as I predicted, I was able to get all of the stitching done on Cat in Chair, sans the colors I don’t have. Here are a couple of pictures:


I also decided to do another small JBW Designs piece. It is half finished. Here is French Country – Amour:


I posted a new poem in honor of my dear grandma here. She was an amazing woman who played a big role in my growing years. She still influences me today, at least in my photography. I have some slides of pictures she took of me when I modeled for her that I am planning to get developed into photos very soon! I will share when I do that.

Until next time…


Janet said...

Cat in Chair is going to be very cute. Love those colors.

Emily said...

Very cute cat!! I hate when I get started and realize I don't have all the colors I need. I normally try to get them all before I start, but it never fails, I miss one!!

Also, great tribute to your grandma!! Very touching!!

Jules said...


@Emily: since it's a restart of an older WIP, the missing colors were used. I just need to resupply them, lol!

Crystal said...

Beautiful poem about your Grandma, brought tears to my eyes. Very cute cat in the chair.