Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Finish (for now), A Near Finish…

…and a Start! First the start. I found out that my best friend is getting married on March 11th. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the ceremony, so I decided to make something to commemorate the occasion (which I would have done anyway). marie ce jourI knew that I had a kitted chart in my stash just waiting for someone to get married so that I could stitch it up, et voila! The design is “Married this Day” from the Janlynn collection (no, those aren’t the names and date in the image shown – they will change to hers and her soon-to-be’s and the correct date). It’s something I picked up at Wal-Mart way back when they still believed in carrying different types of crafts and supplies. I plan to personalize it in her native language (francais). She won’t receive the finished item until later in the Spring, but I know she will like it!

I do have a for now finish and a near finish to share with you. Cat in Chair is the for now finish:


I changed out the color on the backstitch for the white part at the top of the chair to a darker purple. Everything is stitched except for the French Knots! I am going to practice those before I actually place them on the design.

The near finish is The Siesta:


I still have 1 color of DMC to purchase as nothing in my stash is close enough match. I also have to finish the back-stitches. For now, I am setting it aside until I can make a trip out to Michael’s or Joann’s to pick up that floss (maybe Tuesday).

Hope everyone has enjoyed their week-ends!

Until next time…

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