Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coming Home progress

Well, I decided to work on Coming Home for the Holidays this week and will continue working on it until the end of the month. I found a groove and P1284657don’t want to put it down yet. Here is a picture of where I last left things:



And this is what it looked like yesterday before I picked it up for the evening:


And this is what it looks like now:


What’s really cool about this piece is you can really see the dimension in it. I noticed this last night while speaking with my mom on the phone. The small room on this side of the house just popped out at me. It’s not something I have really noticed before, but WOW!



I will update you all on this again at the end of the month!

I do have a question to pose to all of you stitchers: What is the best way to stretch a piece before framing? If you look at some of the pictures, you can see where it is warped because silly me didn’t know to take it off the hoop/q-snaps when not working on it. Surprised smileI know it will need to be straightened somehow for framing, but not sure how to go about it. Thanks for any/all answers.

Until then…


Sylvia said...

That is looking so nice! Lots of work though. LOL

Sally said...

Wow that looks amazing!

I'm afraid I have no tips on stretching or straightening. Are you able to wash it when you've finished it and maybe try straightening it while it's damp?

Linda said...

That looks wonderful!
I don't use a hoop on cross stitch so I never have that problem, but maybe washing it may straighten it...Have you tried going on you tube for a tutorial...there's tons of ideas on there.

Suzanne said...

Great progress, you have really put a lot of work into it.