Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Non-Stitchy Post

Yea, I read a couple  of blogs this evening and thought I would share my little toe too! Parsley and Emily are just too funny in having this competition! I can’t say that my little toe is ugly, but the nail is disgusting, to me anyway (because of the skin over growth near the cuticle). So, here is my little toe:


Thanks ladies! I needed that laugh!!!

This has been a crappy week so far. It started with my taking dad to the hospital at 3am Monday morning. After about 30 minutes, the doctor decided he had pneumonia and admitted him. Later, when the floor doctor saw him, she told him it’s not pneumonia, but wanted to look at his gall bladder, appendix, and kidneys. Nope, not there either, so this morning they decided to do a colonoscopy. Well, there was a mass found in an area that couldn’t be removed during that procedure so he will be having surgery in the next day or so to remove it for biopsy. Praying it’s not the big “C”, but prepared mentally either way. To top it off we have had two days of storms/severe weather (Monday and today). I shouldn’t mind this weather since most of the country is recovering from massive snow this winter, but I am not keen on delivering flowers in the rain, which I had to do on Monday. Anyway, I was exhausted by the afternoon on Monday and before leaving for the day I took some photos of a flower that lost it’s stem:

Yeah, I was bored and tired, lol!

I will have an update on Coming Home over the weekend, plus some of the Challenge pieces.

Until then…


Emily said...

Oh Julie!!! You're too funny!! Joining our little toe adventure!!!

Glad we gave you a giggle today!!

Parsley said...

HAHA Love that you joined in! Your little toe is AWESOME!

We all need a little change in blogging sometimes...this is fun!

Jules said...

LOL...couldn't resist!

Erna said...

Oh Julie so sorry to hear about your Dad,hope it will all turn out right...Had a pretty good laugh about your little toes......