Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Silver Springs, cont and a grounded Cat ~ Tuesday’s Show & Tail

Let’s start with the grounded cat. Yes, you read that right, Sandy has been grounded indefinitely. You see, she loves to climb on the screens out in the screen room. She usually manages to just get a small hole punched out near the bottom corner. Yesterday, however, she managed to make the hole a bit bigger and well:
Yes, that is almost the entire section of screen punched out from the top!!! She was laying out in the carport when grandpa got home (I was busily working on my computer oblivious to what she had done) trying to find a way back in, LOL! When he came in with her, he shut the door. That’s when I came to see what was going on:
And this is where she was laying. All I could do was laugh at her and my dad and the whole situation. She sure is a stinker!!
Now, Silver Springs also has some stinkers, but they are beautiful anyway. Here are some more pictures from our recent visit there:

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