Thursday, March 17, 2011

What is your Celtic Sign?!

Two posts in 1 day! Wow!!! I saw this on the AOL news scroll when I checked my email and thought I would share it.

Hawthorn (May 13 - June 9)hawthorn2

A multi-talented person like you has no trouble making friends. That will likely be especially true this St. Patrick's Day if you attend a wild party. Your social circle can expand in exciting ways. Granted, most of your new pals might be extremely unconventional, but that's what you love about them. It's fun being surrounded by people who are eager to try extreme sports, experiment with different artistic techniques and explore radical ideas. This is your big chance to explore uncharted territory.

(May 21st)

What is your sign? Check it out here! I’d be curious to see how many Hawthorns read my blog!!


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drea_dear said...

It's interesting - I'm April 14, which is the last day of Alder. Both Alder and Willow seem to fit me - they both talk about new opportunities - to work independently, and be given a challenge worthy of my talent. I was just offered part-time work as a virtual assistant.

I've never felt that the Sun signs fit me - I'm an Aries, but I don't act like one, lol.

Jules said...

drea_dear! That's really cool that this sign seems to fit you better than the Sun signs. I was born on the cusp (middle day of change over from Taurus to Gemini) and I fit both quite well. This also means that every 4 years my Sun sign changes to Taurus for 1 year then back to Gemini.

Thanks for sharing! I wonder if anyone else will?!?