Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crazy Day 1-3 Update

Well, I spent the past couple days working on Abraham Lincoln. Here is P4025083where I left off on Friday evening:





I spent much of yesterday and today working on it while at the hospital. Here is where it stands today:


You can see the roof is starting to take form. After this I still have the trees to stitch, finish the bottoms of the house and bushes, the lawn and the lettering. I would say it’s about halfway finished. With any luck, I will complete it next month or June.


Next up is Cream for Kitty. I will work on that piece for a bit this evening and tomorrow.


Erna said...

Nic progress Julie, hope your dad is a little better?
Erna xx

Suzanne said...

Nice progress, you were able to get a lot of stitching done.

Siobhan said...

Wonderful progress, Julie!

Crystal said...

Hope your Dad is feeling better. Great work on your stitching.

Judy S. said...

Coming Home is an awesome piece, Jules. Sorry to hear about your dad; I've been out of touch a bit and just read about the situation on your blog. Hope his condition is treatable! That Bee Happy is very cute! I'll have to check out her patterns.