Monday, April 11, 2011

Poem a Day ~ Days 9, 10, 11

I got a little behind on my poeming this weekend, but with good reason (see previous post about father). Here are my three poems for those days, respectively:

8:01 p.m.


“How I Met Your Mother” is now starting

Not one of my favorite shows,

But something to have on in the background.

I much prefer “Mike & Molly” and

“Two and a Half Men” ~

speaking of, can you believe they

have been moved to 9:30 p.m.?

And on that note, it is now

8:02 p.m. and I must go…


PAD Day 9  



Never Again


Never again will I find myself

So involved in family squabbles

That I find myself sick over it.

Then again, maybe I will.


PAD Day 10  



Maybe Tomorrow


Yeah, that’s something we hear a lot

“Maybe tomorrow he’ll come home.” Or

“Maybe tomorrow I’ll get those shoes.”

How about

“Maybe tomorrow we’ll find some peace.”

“Maybe tomorrow…” is a phrase

that is so overused in this world.

So, maybe tomorrow I will stop using it.

PAD Day 11

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