Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A little late ~ Tuesday's Show & Tail

I debated over posting this today and decided what the heck!

As some of you may (or may not) know, my Sandy decided to disappear little more than a week ago on a Thursday evening. By Sunday evening, I decided that I was getting a kitten from my grandma's (she has sooo many right now, lol) and put my foot down to my dad. So, Monday, a friend of mine and I went up to granny's and I picked up a kitten. Wouldn't you know it, Tuesday morning, as I was pulling into the carport after an appointment, there was SANDY wanting inside! LOL...No, my dad hasn't made me take the kitten back, and YES, Sandy is adjusting quite well (after a couple days of hissing) to the newest member of the family. She has been mothering him and playing with him. It's wonderful!

Hi! My name is Abu! Yes, my momma named me after that monkey from Aladdin.

Sandy mothering Abu.

More of the same.

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The Boston Lady said...

Welcome home Sandy and welcome to the world Abu! I love that Sandy has adjusted and is mothering her new housemate. So sweet. Ann