Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween is Finished

Yes, I have another Crazy finish! I made myself sit and finish stitching that blasted border today. It took me about 5 hours on and off. Here is a picture of the final product:


If I never have to stitch another border like this one again it wouldn’t be soon enough! LOL Guess this means I have to be more careful of the charts I choose. Yeah, right!IMG_1644

I also promised an update on The Gardeners, et voila:


Not sure what I will work on the rest of this week. Maybe I will try to finish the second vase in Vibrant Vases.

Until next time…


Sally said...

Very nice finish Julie. Well done for perservering with border:)

Linda said...

Love the Halloween finish...very cute!

Blu said...

Lovely finish! Kudos on finishing the border.
My Halloween piece from last year is still stuck there~