Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Stitching and other things

A BIG WELCOME to my newest followers!

I have had a few requests on my historical pieces specifically asking for designer information. The designers on those pieces vary, but I picked up the kits at the historical sites I have visited (i.e. The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Sampler was purchased at the gift shop at that National Historical Site in Hodgenville, Kentucky). They are distributed by The Posy Collection. Their website lists a handful of the cross stitch items they have. I also linked “historical sites” above to the National Park Service website. I encourage you to visit your local National Parks or any along the way if ever on a road trip!

Now on to the stitching bit…

I spent Saturday through this morning with my sister in Plant City (FL). While there, I managed to put in a meager few stitches on Coming Home. Here is where I left things before the weekend:
And here is where things stand now (no pun intended):

I also took a pic of this in the “Pop Art” function on my camera:
I LOVE how the colors pop in this mode!!!

Until next time…


Linda said...

That is coming along so beautifully!

Lana said...

Great job!!! =) I was pretty busy this weekend myself so didn't get too much done either!! =)

Sally said...

You've made great progress. It's beautiful.