Monday, August 27, 2012

Daddy, part 2

Well, dad went into the hospital again over the weekend. I feel like the end is closer than I want to believe. My feelings have kind of been confirmed, but I will know more tomorrow morning when I meet with one of his doctor’s. His survival rate is less than 6 months at this point. All I can do is pray for a miracle and I do believe HE performs them all the time. The doctor’s are suggesting we get hospice involved now rather than wait until we absolutely need them involved. This will better prepare us for the end, which is inevitable. We have known for more than a year that he is terminal. Somehow, hearing an actual prognosis gives it more meaning. This whole time we have been going along in the treatment process unaware of just how bad it was getting.

colon cancer ribbon2

I am not sure if this is because we weren’t given all of the information or if it wasn’t sinking in. Either way, I am not too happy with the treatment he has been getting and haven’t been for a while now. I am glad that we are getting, what seems to be, better information now.

God give us the strength to carry on and allow for our hearts and minds to be at peace with Your decision for daddy.

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