Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life and such

Disclaimer: DON’T CRY MAMA!

I was doing the dishes earlier this evening and about fell out. I really expected my dad to come into the kitchen and can’t figure out why. It’s nothing unusual, especially now that he’s gone, for me to do the dishes at least a couple times a week (I don’t dirty that many and can get pretty lazy about it).

This past Sunday, Amazing Grace was played during the worship service. I started crying. When I got home, I balled for a good 15 minutes or so. I really miss my dad.

I know I shouldn’t, but I have been feeling a little bad not having spent more time sitting in the living room with him these past few years. For my part, it was mainly because we didn’t watch the same things on television. So, I would escape into my bedLily of the Valley2room and do my own thing. Now, I did sit and eat supper with him, most nights. It was on those nights when he was watching something disgusting (i.e. animals tearing each other apart, fish being gutted, etc.) that I had to leave and take dinner in my room.

Even now, I fight the tears as much as possible. Not because I have no feeling, but because I hate the feeling of being vulnerable. Plus, I am scared that if I start, I won’t stop and the Bell’s Palsy will come back.

Am I wrong, or is it pretty stupid to ask “So Julie, is it weird being home with your dad gone?” I mean, my co-worker may have good intentions in mind, but is she really that stooo-pid?! Before you make up your mind on an answer, let me tell you that it is a resounding YES! And not just for the stupid questions she keeps asking me, but because she doesn’t even know how to do her job.

Sandy, my 3 year old tan cat, has been more vocal than ever lately. I don’t think she has made this much noise since we got her in 2009!

P7086257My best friend recently told me she wished I would move back to Michigan. She wants me to see her son grow up (he’s not quite 1 yet). I miss her a lot, as well as others in my family and a couple other friends. But I really miss Christine. She was notChristine just my buddy, but my scrap-buddy! (NO MOM, I am not moving back to Michigan. However, I may wind up halfway between if I lose my job with privatization looming, lol). It would be nice to be closer to her and my other family and friends.

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