Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A non-stitchy related post, of sorts

I am trying to rework my writing blog a little bit, so I may post non-stitchy thoughts here from time to time. If you want to see what my writing blog is all about, check out A Day in the Life of Me.
Just some random thoughts I have been having lately.
If I could tell [you] how I truly feel about you, I would.
thI am looking forward to spending some time with a good friend that I haven’t seen in a few years!
My job is going so well right now that I am afraid it will all come to an end; I know it won’t. It’s just my reactive fear to past situations.images (2)

I feel like I am beginning to walk down the path I am supposed to be on; at times I don’t.

big bangThe Big Bang Theory is one of my most favorite shows ~ currently!

I am still just taking things one day at a time. It’s all I can really do.
Well, I won’t bore y’all anymore!
Happy MAY DAY to all of you, my readers!!
May Day

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