Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The long awaited stitchy post…

As I have previously mentioned, I haven’t had much mojo lately. I thought I would at least share what I have stitched on that little ornament I started a while back.

P4107261Yeah, I should be beyond finished with it by now, lol! Anyway, I have been spending much of my time either on Facebook playing silly games or reading my “homework” for therapy. I am also going to a women’s Bible study. I will be posting more on my writing blog about that, so you may visit/follow me there.

My job is keeping me pretty busy right now, which is a good thing. I have placed a few veterans in jobs over the past few weeks. I recently passed a state certification exam and can now add the initials FCWP (Florida Certified Workforce Professional) at the end of my name (if I so choose). Now I just continue to do my job and wait for my first of 3 trips to Denver for more training.

I’ll leave you with this image:


I got to spend a few hours with my beautiful niece on March 30th while she was down here for her Spring Break. We spent the afternoon in Tarpon Springs, FL on the Spongedocks.

~~~Until Next Time~~~


Lana said...

Great progress! Booo! To stitchy slumps! But it sounds like you've been busy! I'm with you on the whole FB stupid games! So addicting! LOL Cute picture of you and your niece!

Jules said...

Thanks Lana!

Chris said...

It sounds like you are so busy. Congratulations on the work success.
I love the ornament so far!

Mii Stitch said...

Nice update on your cross stitch! I hope your stitching bug returns quick :D Looks like you had a lovely family day & congrats on your exam!!! These letters will look seriously cool and impressive after your name :D x