Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Wedding of Ruth & Boaz

I am going to quote a little from Francine Rivers’ book A Lineage of Grace because it is so beautiful [and not described in the Bible]:

“Ruth and Boaz were pressed along again as the women joined the men in the procession back through the dark streets of Bethlehem. Some of the men carried torches. The women played tambourines, beat small hand drums, clinked finger cymbals, shook tingling bells, and sang with the men.

When Boaz entered his house, he raised his mantle and held it over Ruth as he drew her up onto the dais beneath the canopy…He walked her in a full circle several times for all the witnesses to see that she had his covering of marriage. When he stopped, Ruth didn’t hesitate. She drew off her veil and draped it over his shoulder according to custom.”

After reading this bit in the book, I knew that’s exactly what I would want my wedding to be. You see, in today’s time we take for granted that we have to get married in a church with a preacher before us. In the days before Jesus, and quite possibly in His time as well, it was more symbolic to wear finery and the man cover the wife in marriage as read above. The main event was and probably still is the wedding feast (reception as we know it today). By the simplicity of walking his bride in several full circles, covering her with his mantle and she covering him with her veil, they are proclaimed married!

Reading this passage, I saw the ceremony take place. It was exciting to read and I’ll bet all the more to witness!

We have seemingly finished with Ruth in our Bible Study and will be moving into the story of Bathsheba. Ironically, the series during worship service is on King David. Going to learn so much more over the next few weeks for sure! I do love Old Testament writings.

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