Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Stitching


I spent a little time with Praying Hands over the weekend. Here’s my progress as of Sunday evening:
I hope you all had a truly blessed Father’s Day with your dad’s, husband’s, son’s, and other father figures in your life! Mine was a little different this year as many of you know my dad passed last September. I decided to cook Rosemary Chicken [tenders], baked Sweet Potato and French Style Green Beans for me and my sissy. We had a quiet evening together.
Next week I go to Denver. Part of my job requires me to travel there for training at the National Veteran’s Training Institute (part of the University of Colorado). I am attending Labor Employment Specialist next week. I will have to go again a couple more times for other courses. It will be nice to get away! I want to take Praying Hands with me, but not sure of the policy with bringing a sewing needle on the plane with me. Any suggestions?? I don’t plan to check my bag.
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DebbieSFL said...

I have had no problem bringing one needle with me; you need to be careful about scissors--the total length cannot be longer then 4"--if I were you, I would go to the website of the airport/airline you are flying to see what they say. Hope you have plenty of time to stitch!!!

Heart2Heart said...

I agree with Debbie, call the airlines direct and ask for solutions. More than likely they won't have an issue if you declare it when you check in with security.

Sounds like you're off to a great start.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Chris said...

Great progress!
Safe travels too.

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely progress! Have a safe journey x

Jules said...

Thanks everyone!

dixiesamplar said...

I recently flew to ID on Delta and no problem with my scissors they weren't happy with until I agreed to put them in my checked bags.

Grit said...

Lovely progress.

Jules said...

Again, thanks all! I did look up the regs from TSA and Southwest (their link goes to TSA) and feel confident I will be able to take a project with me to Denver!! Now to determine just how to make everything I need fit into 1 bag that I can carry-on. I refuse to check my bag this trip. One of my colleagues has lost his luggage a couple times going there or coming back, lol.

stitcheranon said...

You are very welcome: I hope you enjoy stitching my new freebie. Have a great trip!