Monday, July 22, 2013

My wish

I don't have any stitchy progress to share yet. Didn't feel much like doing anything over the weekend. Too much crap on my mind. Oh well, such is life I guess!

Now to the title. You may wonder what my wish is. Well, since I am so friggin' broke right now (aren't we all) I haven't been able to purchase any stitchy magazines. I am so hoping to pick up the Halloween and Christmas special issues this year at the very least. Yeah, had to let the subscription go when it expired. I'll get back on my financial footing soon enough. I just wish I could go magazine shopping. (Think Lucy here...) WAAAAAAAA!

Ok, back to normalcy.

 Congrats are definitely in order for the newest little Prince and his mum and dad.

 I stepped on a stupid nail this morning. Yeah, that really woke me up. And my foot hurts. That'll learn me!! At least it didn't go all the way through and was on the edge of the bottom of my foot. No tetanus shot. Nope! No Way! Not gonna happen!!

 My cat Sandy's eye has flared up again. No worries, she'll be fine once I can get her to the vet.

 I am going on vacation the first week of September (God willing) and back to Denver the last week of September for another class. Can't wait!!

 My life is so boring and crazy!!!

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