Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Year Ago

One year ago this week 
You said your final goodbyes 
Knowing it's not forever; 
     just for now 

One year ago today 
You were happy and cheerful 
Probably in preparation 
     for what was to come 

One year ago 
I told you I loved you 
One last time 
     I told you I'll be ok. 


It's so hard to believe how fast the past year has gone. I miss my dad a lot, and every day. Some days it's difficult. Most days it's not. I am finding myself able to enjoy life a little more each day. Knowing he is with our Lord in Heaven and that I will see him again one day makes it so much easier.

My cousin called me this morning to check on me. She's incredibly sweet to do so. I know she is probably having a bittersweet week as she was close to my dad. Their relationship was almost as if he had a 3rd daughter/she a 2nd father. She told me twice that she was calling to check on me before it clicked why she was concerned, lol.

This morning, I woke up thankful to be here. Thankful for another beautiful Florida morning. Thankful for my friends and family. Thankful for BF and all the conversations we have. Thankful to be alive! I am in a far different place than I was one year ago. I am closer to God. And on the road, long as it may be, to recovery from the depression I have been in since before the turn of the century.

Thank you Jesus for saving me...for loving me!


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