Friday, February 21, 2014

Rant: My Opinion and only that...

I have to rant a little tonight! I have been keeping up with news online over the past few months and there is one thing that keeps popping up: "Stand Your Ground". In concept, I think this is a wonderful law we have here in Florida. However, I am so disgusted with how much it has been tossed around like candy the past couple of years. You all know the story: young male walking home from the corner store, not bothering anyone; "neighborhood watch" punk feels threatened and bang! Young kid is dead. We all have our opinions on this, and please don't air them on here. Just continue to read my rant...

Stand Your Ground is the defense. Person who killed is acquitted. He feels a sense of "I can do anything and get away with it". Gets into trouble several more times and NOW has the nerve to say HE is the victim. So sorry Mr. Z, but I do believe you put yourself in this situation.

Flash forward a few months: young kids are in a parking lot playing music a bit loud, adult male makes it into a huge deal and argues with kids; then bang: 1 of the kids is dead. All because the adult can't handle the loud music.

Ok, so I wasn't there and I don't know what happened in either instance. However, is it really necessary to say you're the one feeling threatened when you're the one with the weapon. Disclaimer: in both cases NO weapons were found on the kids.

Finally, and the best IMO, we have a respected, retired law enforcement officer. Signs everywhere stating explicitly weapons NOT allowed in movie theater yet he feels the need to bring his piece in. Proceeds to have an argument with man in front of him who is texting during the PREVIEWS. By all accounts, man is texting with babysitter. Movie HAS NOT started yet. Retiree decides to not just complain to management, but go back into theater and continue the argument leaving him with a face full of popcorn. He feels threatened. And BANG: another man is dead. And the wife of deceased is injured trying to protect husband. Now, I do have to say that shortly after that killing, another couple came forward saying they had a similar encounter with the SAME retired officer in the SAME theater!

Can we just say "Move to another seat in another part of the theater". Seriously!!

Stand Your Ground indeed!!! I am sick of this being thrown around and people getting away with murder. If it were reversed, that black man would have gotten a LIFE sentence or a DEATH sentence for killing the white kid.

All of this in the great state of FLORIDA!

Time will tell on the movie theater incident, but I do believe there might be enough for a conviction; if only.


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