Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sta-cation coming to an end...

...and you think I would have taken advantage of the 2 days I took off and do nothing but stitching! Nope!! I got maybe 3 hours in the whole weekend. I will share pics later.

This past weekend was my SAL with Lana over at A Joyful Stitcher. Again, I will post pics later as I haven't taken any yet. I do have to admit it will probably take me the better part of this year on working on this SAL to complete all of the detail work. While I am loving "Coming Home for the Holidays", I will be so glad when it is done. I would really like to start another big Christmas piece, but I refuse to until this one is done.

Also, I put my photography skills to use once again at church. I mentioned in a prior post that we are celebrating Pastor's Appreciation month this month. I am thankful to have found a wonderful Church home/family at New River Church. However, I do believe we should celebrate and show our appreciation every chance we get for our Pastor's. Anyhoo, Here is a collage of some of the pictures I took:

One of our musician's "composed" a song in honor of our Lead Pastor based loosely on the theme to "The Beverly Hillbillies". It was hysterical! Of course, I love that show (among others of that era), so it was extra funny. Anyway, I do believe our Pastor will be known as "The Man from Zephyrly Hills" from now on, LOL! (the name of the town we live in is Zephyrhills)



Stitching Noni said...

How frustrating that you didnt get lots of stitching done.... but it does look like you had fun with our camera though!

Jules said...

I always have fun with my camera! :)