Saturday, March 15, 2014

God Revealed by Fred Sievert

I am [slowly] reading this book and have enjoyed the first chapter. It is really getting me thinking and reflecting on my past. As I grow closer to God, I find that I want to hear Him more and am not quite sure how to hear Him. I am lazy in reading the Bible, of this I can be completely  honest. I never had that problem in the past, as I was an avid reader and turned to the Bible several times a week. Now, however, I just can't seem to keep disciplined enough. Here's a great example of that:

I decided last month to join in on Joyce Meyer's 3030 Challenge. Let's just say that by Day 4, I was back in my lazy mode. It is possible I have too much going on and that's why some things keep getting pushed aside. All I know is that my yearning to understand my life and God's plan for it are strong.

So, in God Revealed, Mr. Sievert uses life experiences/stories to discuss growing closer to God. At the end of each Chapter are some discussion questions. For Chapter 1 the questions center around describing and God experiences felt as a youth (i.e. being in His presence), discuss someone who has been a Pillar of Faith, and any faith-stirring experiences had.

I grew up always knowing that God exists. I don't know how I knew this as my parents didn't raise me in any Church. I chose to go on my own more for youth group and Sunday school and to learn more about Jesus. I don't recall and experiences as a youth of being in His presence. I am sure as I read further in God Revealed, I will discover more about myself in this regard. Same too with someone being a Pillar of Faith in my life. I have an Aunt I have always thought of as a strong Christian role model. And my [maternal] grandma played a big role in raising me and tried to teach me good behavior/being a good citizen.

Faith-stirring experiences, on the other hand, are a regular thing in my life. I have, as an adult, found myself pausing at a GREEN light just before a t-bone crash occurred. I was in the left turn lane and something told me to wait. The car to my right went when we got the green and got t-boned. Of course, I got out of my vehicle and assisted until the cops got there. I've seen and felt my grandma's presence in homes of family members since her passing (in 1993). I've had premonitions of events; not that I can see the future or anything. But the best example was similarly seen by 1000s of others and that was the events that took place on 9/11/01. I'll only say that what I saw on CNN hours after the fact brought me to my knees as it was what I had dreamed 2 nights prior.

The best experience I have had, and probably the most telling of an "in His presence" experience, was when He brought my daughter to me in a dream. It was about 3 years after I miscarried. I prayed to God to show me my child and He let me meet her. It was such a faith-stirring, loving experience and one that I will carry with me always.

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Stitching Noni said...

Some books seem to take a while to read... but if it makes you think then that is good! :o)