Saturday, April 19, 2014

WIPocalypse for April

Well, I haven't done much, if any, stitching the past month. But I am posting this month's check-in anyway to answer the question:

How do you keep your stash organized?

I have no rhyme or reason to how I keep things organised. I keep my DMC floss in cabinets with little drawers. You know the kind used in workshops to organize nuts and bolts and screws and things. I also keep floss in those little baggies in a basket. Magazines are either digital and on my hard-drive or in magazine holders like below. Other miscellaneous stash is located in a couple of drawers in my dad's old bedroom.

Sorry for the blurriness of the pics. My battery died as I took them :(


cucki said...

Enjoy my dear..
Sweet hugs x

Kaisievic said...

You look very organised to me - much more so than I am. May I ask, how do you get your magazines onto a hard drive. I have a number which I have downloaded onto my iPad and ideally I would like to save them to a hard drive but I do not how to do that. Any advice?

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Happy Easter

I found your Blog and I am now a follower of your Blog.

I too have a Blog and here is the link:

I would like for you to become a follower of my blog.

I just love your have so many neat things in your sidebar.

You sound so well organized with your Stitching Stash. I am sort of Organized but not as well as you are though.

Happy Stitching
Linda K, Railroad

CathieJ said...

I like the hardware store drawers for your floss.