Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August WIPocalypse Check-in!

Is it really that time again!?! And I missed the supermoon (stupid monsoon season)!?!?!?! Where have I been lately? LOL

Yeah, that's about how things are for me. Confusing as usual. I did finally finish all of the x's in The Gardeners and only have the backstitch details to go. Here's a pic...

or two...

On the bright side, I feel good about this piece. Can't wait to frame it and hang it somewhere in my home (once all of the house repairs/remodeling gets done and hopefully in this decade, lol).

This month's topic: Tell us about your oldest and newest WIPs.

Well, let's see. My oldest has got to be Coming Home for the Holidays. I was stitching this for my dad and nearly had the x's finished before he passed. I still have a little bit to go; mainly backstitch. He at least got to see it before he went to build my mansion in Heaven (he was a carpenter after all much like Jesus). Here's what it looks like currently, and for the past several months:

Close up of last areas I backstitched; around the roof

Full image taken before roof detail was done

Now for my newest WIP. Hmmmm! I don't know what that would be at this point. I would have to say that one is Praying Hands by Yiotta's XStitch. I haven't picked that one up in f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!! I think I may work on that one next. Or Cirque des Carreaux. Anyway, here's where it stands:

Seeing as though this one is for a special occasion yet to happen, methinks I have plenty of time. :)


I am going to leave you with scenes from one of my favorite movies starring the late and GREAT Robin Williams!

Rest In Peace, Mr. Williams! I sure hope my daddy has a front row to your forever show!!


Linda said...

Wonderful stitching Jules.


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching my dear xxx

Sharon said...

Both are looking beautiful!