Friday, February 20, 2015

A Stitching Update

I can’t believe that I haven’t picked up a single project in at least 6 months now! Not that I haven’t wanted to work on anything because I have. I just had a lot of stuff going on in my life and couldn’t seem to find the time to work on any of my WIPs. Not to mention that a lot of my stash is safely packed away in the closet in the spare room. That’s a project that I will have to get to and soon!
But I digress…
Here are some pictures of my WIPs (that I have every intention on making a dent in over the remainder of this year):
As you can see, a couple of them are nearly complete. Hopefully I will be able to get back into these soon!

Oh, and please share my blog with your blogging friends. I would greatly appreciate it! :)

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